Right – Saturday had arrived. Sucks to have not proceeded to the finals, and also seems so weird to be at an event and not even be playing on a Saturday. We slept in a little bit, meaning we got up at around 9, cooked some breakfast and enjoyed a good half hour at our pool. After yesterdays positive feedback and much interest at our signing, we together with Anthrax had agreed to do another round today. So we went by a local FedEx print store to get some posters done, my luck had it be that a big Nike outlet store was just next door, so did a 10 minute powershopping and exited the store 2 shoes happier and 94 dollars lighter. God DAMN the States are cheap! We arrived at the field just after 13 and did some ”mingling” with sponsors around the site, before we once again at 15.30 sat down for our Anthrax Lady All Star signing. Again on this 2nd day there was a pretty good turn-up, especially as we this time around hadn´t promoted it in advance on site – we ended up sitting there for almost 2 hours, and also even saw some familar faces from back home that stopped by for a signed poster (Svennebög you know who you are!). 😉

It will sound completely spoiled, but sitting in the boiling heat with the sun in your face for 2 hours wears you out, so after this we jumped in the car and headed home – quick stop for important supplies (beer!) and we were back to get ready for a night out. It turned out we would be going to Old Town by ourselves, we had originally agreed with Anthrax they would come too, BUT a last minute demand by PSP caused a minor set-back. They suddenly got told, that the trades needed to be open at 7.15 Sunday morning – 7.15 ! There´s almost not a soul on site at this time, only players gearing up in the pits, but yeah rules are rules, so boys stayed at home and the girls went out to party.

It was the Euro-girls that hit Sun on The Beach, and I can tell you this much: we tried as hard as we could to empty out the bar AND intimidate the locals on the dance floor. Blue balls and hippy-shakes was the theme of the night, OUUUUUUSH ! Met new people and made new friends, paintball is such a great sport – social to the fullest. 3 AM and we called it a night though of course we needed to have a pit stop at the local burger joint.

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