Alarm was set at 7.30, but at 5.30 the jetlag – and my increasing cold – got the best of me and I rolled out of bed and made some coffee. Much needed. Since the girls only started waking up at around 7.30 I also started cooking some proper breakfast with a veggie scramble and some bacon. Not all nationalities appreciate veggies as much as others though, bacon and eggs will apparantly do mostly hehe. Love you UK girls, really I do!!!

We left for the field at around 9 o´clock again on this 2nd day, our games was again set at 1 and 1.50 PM, right on the best and hottest time at day with the baking sun. Arriving at the field and starting to prepare it felt like we were all really set on bringing our a-game and kicking some butts, however for some reason it felt our game felt even more apart on this 2nd day that it did on the first one.

In our first game we met New World Order and they pretty much kicked our lovely female behinds with us only able to take one point – looking atb the scoreboards afterwards, this team swim through the prelims, and at this moment today they are facing quearterfinals – still looking strong – so maybe not an undeserved win against us one might say. At least they told us after the game, that we did not give them any easy points.

2nd game of the day, and the 4th and final one of the prelims, was against CFP Static. At this point we had no chance of going through to Sunday, so had everything to do with pride and respect. We were not able to keep our heads high up to this game, and really it felt like we defeated ourselves before stepping on to the field. Once again we were only able to take 1 point. World Cup over !

After a little chat with the team and talking over our games and the event for us, I rushed over to Devils pit to help them at their first game of the day. I could only stay for a short while as we had a signing coming up 3.30 (more on that later) – so told the guys to do it quick. And quick it was ! After 10 minutes – including turnovers and prolonging some game time not pressing the buzzer – the guys were up 3-0 and had not yet lost a single body ! Good, stellar, technically skilled team play is what they showed us.

Right, I had to run off as we with the Anthrax Lady All Stars had set up a team signing at the Anthrax booth. The pros are all doing it, so why not us ! 😉

Gotta admit I did not think it would be such a fuss, but with the 50 posters we had for the signing, it proved to be WAY too little – in only 1/2 hour and a lot of chatting and getting photos taken, they were all gone and with a rather big line still going. God daaaaamn this was a weird feeling, but hey it seemed everyone was so happy about it and also it made the Anthrax booth buzzing, that indeed was a great feeling. In fact it was such a success that we right on decided, that we would find a printer shop to get more done for Saturday and do another signing.

After the signing I went on back to help out Devils in the it for their final prelim game. They looked okay score-wise before the game, but had to take the win to be sure of Sunday.

Bys looked good on the field and it bounced back and forth a bit and at the score 3-3 crazy stuff started happening on the dorrito side, where a player ran through and shot Alex, sitting in 300, on the tape – Alex had his gun on the tape side, and the player running him down was shot on the front side of his thigh, however the ref interpretad as a major playing on, pulling out Henk as the last player and then having Devils start 4 the next point. 3-4 and final point out – here unfortunately the opponents simply did amazing breakshooting, hands down, shooting out 2 straight away + one more right after a few seconds. 3-5 game over. It would still be up to the final scores whether the guys went through or not, so they had to wait till after the games. End of the day it seemed to me they would be through as they were 11th overall + inside their group had a way better E/D than the last team they played against, though tied for match points. However it might seem over here, that direct match-up counts before E/D which made them miss out of finals. Bummer !

After the games ended we headed home, shopped on the way to the house to do a proper meal for our awesome Anthrax guys helping us out and supporting us loads not just this weekend but the entire season – so we bought them steaks, big steaks, and beers of course! After a good meal and some beers by the pool, we were all exhausted and hit our beds.

More to come tomorrow, day 3 ! 🙂

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