Här kommer vi att fylla på med information vi får från lagen på World Cup.

Vi börjar med Torsdagens rapporter.

Idag kommer APG Sweden att spela sin första match mot Atlanta Rising och sin andra match mot Wolfpack IV. Imorgon fredag så möter vi våran tredje match mot Monolith och den fjärde mot Preferred mod.

Nu så har vi spelat klart för idag mot Atlanta Riaing det gick inte så bra 1-5 till dem. Därefter spelade vi mot Wolfpack IV. Det gick bättre för oss, vi vann med 4-3. Vi tackar Mattias Pettersson, Jacob, mini Jacob för coachning och Bandit.


So the day – or night – had arrived, where I was off towards the PSP World Cup in ”Orlando” (read: Polk City) and the alarm was set at 2 AM. The things we do for paintball, yeah ? 😉
Got to the airport at around 4 AM, just to figure out that bag drop didn´t open untill 4.40 – good times – and time for a nice cup of 7/11 coffee.

Smooth flight to Frankfurt and a quick layover, on the next flight to Newark and off I was overseas – 8 hours later and I was officially in the States. Never thought this would come out of my mouth, but for once I actually did think my bad travel karma was gone, smoothest trip in a long while – even immigration went by without any trouble (am I jinxing myself now?).

A 2 1/2 hour wait in Newark, one quesadilla, corona light and Ben & Jerry´s coffee kick later and I was on my final flight for Orlando, good times !

Landed at local time 17.45 and by 18.15 I was picking up my rental car, unbelievable I would say!! 😉

Met up with my first team mate from the Anthrax Lady Allstars, Rachel from Arizona, and we were off to our fantastic pool house. I love Florida already!

Quick get together with the girls, having some dinner at the house and we were all sound asleep. 22 hours travelling with for some reason make you rather tired, go figure.

Thursday morning 7 AM bright and early, alarm, yawn, tired, jetlagged ! Food, coffee, resorb ! READY TO GO !

For this event we are 7 girls mixed from 3 teams; Kat, Linh and Rachel from Destiny + Lemon, Charlotte and Emma from Banshees – and then me (doh!) from FLC. It was Kat Secor that came up with the brilliant idea of teaming up and doing a mix team for this event, we all talked about it during the Basildon Millennium event and thus Anthrax Lady Allstars were born. We spent the last couple of months planning for this, and we are so happy and proud that we for this event are being supported by 2 of the best and most reliable companies in paintball: Anthrax Paintball + DXS.

Right, so we got to the field at about 10 AM and had 3 hours to get everything in place and organize ourselves. Thought it would plenty of time, but being girls for some reason 3 hours in a blink of a moment became 40 minutes. Darn it! But we made it fine and everyone was ready by the time our game was.

First match was against Arizona Menace, we unfortunately quickly went down 0-3 but then got our heads in the game and played 2 fantastic points! Unfortunately though next point it got down to a 1 on 1, only unfortunately thing was, that our girls thought we had G5 and went for the flag and walking it in…. Not realising there was an opponent left. Shit! 2-4 and game over. So close it seemed even if the score says otherwise.

We only had one game break before we were on again, so had to do with a quick talk about the game – our biggest issues seemed to be lack of community on field as well as not being able to close the games. We were usually up on bodies + making the 50 first, but then lost our heads and ended up losing.

We tried adjusting as good as we could, but we met a really strong looking Combat Houston in the 2nd match, and we were not able to push back from 0-3, the game eventually ended with a 1-4 score.

Heads were not as high as at the beginning of the day, but after a good chat and talking through the game plans properly and getting everyone on the same place, we now feel better prepared before tomorrows 2 crucial games. We need 2 solid wins in order to have a chance to advance.

So far Florida has been treating me good, after all at this moment at 22.30 local time, I have been here for 26 hours! Only been in the pool once, BUT so rewarding with a cooled down pool after a long warm day at the field.

Venue is pretty much as I remember it was in 2009: A big dirtfield called Fantasy of Flight with small old school planes flying around over your heads + loads of trade stands and brands we don´t see in Europe as well as of course the usual big hitters.

I got to see Devils´ 2 games today while helping them out in the pit. First game they played like Swedish Gods and got a solid 5-1 victory. 2nd game was somewhat harder for them it seemed, not quite getting the game flowing or getting any G´s (should I write pirates here? ;-)) off the break. Also I believe it was one of the division 2 top team they played against, so they did do a good performancy but in the end I think the heat got the best of us Scandinavians. Their 2nd game ended 1-5 unfortunately.

Oh well – day 1 of World Cup is over, and I really need to get some sleep – knackered from the heat plus still slightly jetlagged, GOOD NIGHT ALL!

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